A Loving Church Family

Each of us looks forward to coming to church on Sunday because we know we will be among people that love each other.  We pray for one another, encourage one another, help one another, and spend time at one another’s homes.

The key phrase is “one another.”  A key theme in the Bible is to love God and love one another.  There is a lot of one another-ness going on here at Faith of Roseville.

We look forward to the privilege of loving you.  Please take a moment and help us learn more about you.

Practical Help with Life Issues

The Bible was not written for scholars and academics.  No, the Bible is filled with hundreds of practical stories, examples, and instructions.  The people in the Bible were faced with life issues just like we are.

Here at Faith, one of our delights is to help one another with practical help from God with life issues such as marriage, family, anger, sexual purity, finances, depression, life direction, and many more.

We encourage you to give us a chance to help you with the life issues you are facing.